Monday, September 9, 2013

How Fairhope, AL was Founded

True Cooperative Individualism

    [an argument on the plan of Fairhope Industrial Association, prepared 1894]

    The present social and economic order is doomed. In the height of its marvelous achievements it bears within itself the seeds of its own destruction. Clear headed economists and warm hearted philanthropists long ago pointed out and denounced its enormous waste of human energy and natural resources and its hideous injustice and cruelty. It has been "weighed in the balance and found wanting." It must go! that is settled! but the very serious fear presents itself that we who now recognize and denounce its evils and are striving to unite a majority of its victims for its overthrow, may go before it goes -- in waiting the slow movement of majorities.

    To the one who has the true spirit of a reformer present conditions are almost unbearable. Even though his own financial and social standing may be secure; the injustice and attendant want, misery, hardships and despair everywhere apparent fill his life with sadness -- but the qualities of mind and heart which mark the reformer and philanthropist are a serious disqualification for financial success under existing conditions.

Daphne City Council Meeting 9-3-2013

At Tuesday night’s meeting, the Daphne City Council scheduled a special session to hear a reading of the proposed city budget after the Work Session on September 23 at 6:30. Council President Ron Scott requested the summary pages of the proposed budget be placed on the city’s website noting, “I think that would help the public to see in general what we are talking about.”
“We’ve gone through this fight in the past,” remarked Councilman John Lake, “... and we were told by the Attorney General’s office at that time through verbal communications and that, that the proposed budget even though it was not passed was public information. I would like to have a copy of the proposed budget on display in city hall and the library.”

Tar Sands Oil Mobile Coalition Meeting

 The third organizational and information sharing meeting of the citizen coalition group Tar Sands Oil Mobile was held at the Five Rivers complex on the Causeway at 7 PM on Tuesday September 3, 2013. Mobile County Health Officer Dr. Bert Eichold, University of South Alabama Surgeon Dr. Charles B. Rodning, MD and Vascular Specialist Dr. Ralph Pfeiffer, MD were three doctors recruited by the group to give a presentation on the risks of petroleum chemicals in an urban area as well as health risks and side effects of being exposed to the substances commonly carried on the streets, railroads and pipelines of MobileCounty.