About The Fairhope Courier

The Fairhope Courier
Founded in 1894 by E. B. Gaston, The Fairhope Courier Newspaper came to Alabama and brought with it The Fairhope Single Tax Colony. The FSTC is a land tax based non-profit that holds roughly half of the City's total land area in a single trust. The idea being equality and fairness for all. 

           The Fairhope Courier is dedicated to Gaston's vision of a populace free of monopolies. 

"We close the gates against injustice; we open them to unselfishness."
E. B. Gaston

The Fairhope Courier is not affiliated with any other publications.


  1. An article that appeared today in the Costa Rica Star News on a documentary about the Fairhope Quakers who founded Monteverde. http://news.co.cr/sweet-home-costa-rica-story-u-s-quakers-pacifism/49464/


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