Thursday, May 15, 2014

Alabama's Biggest Beach Party This Weekend

     The Hangout Music and Arts Festival kicks off today at 4:00pm. Over 70 acts will perform on six stages over the course of the weekend culminating with a Sunday night finale featuring the 20th Anniversary of Outkast. Being one of the most prominent recording artists from the south and with 40,000 people attending the festival, Outkast is sure to throw the biggest party this beach has ever seen.
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Single Tax Leaseholder Newsletter

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Fairhope Single Tax Colony Meeting for May

     The monthly meeting for lessees and members of the Fairhope Single Tax Colony was held in the Library at 6:30pm. After approximately five minutes, it was announced all non-members were to leave as the meeting had become private. Two lessees and about a dozen others left the meeting.
     The issue currently at hand is the process of distributing funds from eminent domain proceedings due to the expansion of Highway 181. Leaseholders affected by the condemnation have been sent a settlement letter issued by the Colony. The letter stipulates 30% of the State funds go to the leaseholder while 70% go to the Colony. Many, including some members of the Colony, don't agree. 
     The dissenting members argue the issue has been settled through the Alabama Court System.