Fairhope Single Tax Association Monthly Meeting Review

As the Fairhope Single Tax Colony readies for its upcoming monthly meeting, The Fairhope Courier reviews previous meeting notes and a few topics on the agenda for Wednesday's meeting.

    In the March 11, 2020 FSTC membership meeting, Ken Niemeyer expressed several concerns regarding the $6.2m BP RESTORE ACT grant to redevelop the pier and the process behind the decision making of individuals involved. Mr. Niemeyer noted his experience as an invited member of the design focus group hosted by the engineering firm hired by the City to oversee the project.

    Mr. Niemeyer stated the current design from the City would damage the natural appeal of Fairhope's bayfront park. He noted the engineers were developing the plan without visiting the sites in question and did not consider Fairhope's unique history and background. He emphasized the engineer's goal is to spend the entire budget rather than develop specific, character enhancing projects the entire community would benefit from.

    Mr. Niemeyer concluded with noting the City misrepresented the impact of the sewer project at Fels Avenue and Mobile St. by stating there would be no impact to the park or sidewalk, both of which were heavily affected.

    Single Tax Treasurer Michael Upchurch presented a balanced 2020 budget that was adopted by the Board.

    Archives committee chair Catherine King noted that 125 years ago, after overcoming several obstacles, the Colonists were able to dig a well and hit water at 112 ft to provide safe and consistent source of drinking water to the developing community.

    On June's meeting Agenda, the Colony intends to discuss electronic billing, consideration of a new policy charging all non-lessee members a demonstration fee, multiple sidewalk projects and requests, possible approval of new members and reports on Founder's Corner and White Avenue Park.

The next monthly meeting of the Fairhope Single Tax Colony is June 10, 2020 at 6:30pm.