Colony Meeting for November

     The Single Tax meeting began promptly at 6:30 presided by Lee Turner. He asked if there were any member or lessee concerns at which point Director David Jester requested to read something he brought and asked for it to be made part of the record. He stated from The Code of Alabama 1975:
"Each nonprofit corporation shall keep correct and complete books and records of account and shall keep minutes of the proceedings of its members, board of directors and committees having any of the authority of the board of directors; and shall keep at its registered office or principal office in Alabama a record of the names and addresses of its members entitled to vote, directors and officers. All books and records of a nonprofit corporation may be inspected by any member, director or officer, or his or her agent or attorney, for any proper purpose at any reasonable time."
     President Turner then asked if there were any other concerns at which point The Fairhope Courier asked for clarification on the issue of openness at the meetings. Pres. Turner stated that would be in the Trustee's report which would occur during the "business" portion of the meeting and therefore after the public left.
     Citing the fact the Rent Study Committee had not met, the FSTC council voted to keep the demonstration fee at .002 for 2015.
     The decision was also made to add to the bylaws concerning the public meetings. Secretary Leslie Stejskal and Trustee Leigh Rogers interpret the word "Public" to mean "Members Only" and intend to amend the bylaws to reflect this change.
The next Fairhope Single Tax meeting is December 10, 2014 at 6:30pm.