Fairhope Single Tax Calculator

     Calculating the Demonstration fee and taxes due for Fairhope Single Tax Corporation property can be confusing and time consuming. The Fairhope Courier has developed this interactive calculator to determine the total cost of taxes and fees for Colony property.
     Edit the amounts in blue to match Baldwin County property tax records and the total will be automatically calculated. Double click on the values to edit. 
     Here is a link to search Baldwin County tax records to collect the information needed. Be sure to use "appraised" and not "assessed" value for the land only and to enter the name in this format: "FST Last name, First name". At the bottom of the tax page is a link that says, "View Appraisal Record", this is where the property tax is split into "Land" and "Improvements". Be sure to only use the appraised land value to achieve the correct results.