Fairhope Single Tax Colony Meeting for July

     The Fairhope Single Tax Colony meeting for July was called to order promptly at 6:30pm by President Lee Turner. After the Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance, Pres. Turner asked if there were any member/lessee concerns at which point a lessee inquired about treasury reports. The lessee asked if there were any financial reports and if the lessees were privy to them. Treasurer Colin Keleher noted there were monthly, as well as annual, treasury reports available at the front desk for anyone interested in viewing them. The lessee asked for the lessees to be notified of this. 
     After a bit of confusion about who would speak next, Dean Mosher was chosen as there were nonmembers present who wanted to hear his presentation. Those nonmembers would not be allowed to hear the presentation of Thomas Hospital associates nor the computer company presentation about file scanning and storage which would be heard during the "Business" portion of the meeting and therefore no nonmembers would be allowed to attend despite laws to the contrary (Section 10A-20-9.05).
     Dean Mosher came before the board and membership with a question and to share some history of the organization. "The question I have for you is a Georgist question." he said after telling a brief history of the past 30 years of the Colony during which he has been very involved. He continued, "Under any kind of Georgist system, how can we justify taking 70% of the leasehold value, in condemnation, that they have created?... Because I would like you to rethink that position."
     After Mr. Mosher spoke, another member of the audience voiced his concern on the conflict of interest rising from President Turner's position with the Colony and his position as chairman of the city's planning commission. The audience member referenced specific cases, properties and events that were in conflict with Colony and City ordinances. Secretary Leslie Stejskal stated there wasn't a conflict of interest. All nonmembers then left the meeting as required by the board.

Mr. Mosher's full presentation can be heard here.