Gulf Coast Health Care Perspectives

Gulf Coast Health Care Perspectives
An introduction to a health care philosophy

By John L. Stump, DC, PhD, EdD

The pace of change affecting the health care industry has accelerated dramatically over the past year. With the advent of Obamacare (officially called the Affordable Care Act) it’s going to change many peoples health care philosophy, some better, some worse. Some are going to end up winning and some losing. Right now, it’s hard to predict the future. However, I can remember when my grandmother told me that we have to learn to take care of our own health. At the time, I was too young to realize the true impact of what she had said.

When I look back in history, it wasn’t that long ago that health insurance didn’t exist, everyone was responsible for his or her own health care. That time may be returning in a different fashion. With that in mind, let’s take a look at where that leaves us.


             Some have forgotten the most basic tenet of natural health care, that being the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Ben Franklin said it best many years ago, “God heals, and the doctor collects the fees”. This is very true in many cases every day. Since the beginning of time man has observed the ability of the body to recover from cuts, bruises, even broken bones in many cases. More often than not the sick person gets well regardless, or should I say, in spite of the treatment administered. Now, many will have to understand the significance of going to the hospital or a doctor’s office. You may no longer be able to run to the hospital with every little runny nose, bruised knee or skinned elbow. You may be responsible for caring for that injury or sickness more often than ever.

             In order to establish the optimum health you should be seeking there are certain conditions that must be met. A broken bone will heal quicker if the fractured ends are closer together, stabilized, and the body has sufficient stores of calcium and other nutrients necessary to repair and build bone, just as a bruise or a cut will repair faster if there is adequate vitamin C and D in the body. The individual most assuredly will recover more rapidly from an illness if the immune system is working as it should, which requires adequate nutritional reserves as well.

             I believe most of you can see there is a common thread in health. The more we depart from nature, the more costly health care becomes. The start to optimum health begins with good nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Let’s all make a resolution this year to begin to rebuild our immune system to its optimum capacity by eating well, exercising and establishing good health habits. These things are almost free if you really search out the availability.

             This will be the theme of our health series for 2014. I’m going to devote the new year to help you get started with a bountiful amount of health tips in the areas of food, exercise and lifestyle that will help cut down on your money spent while increasing the value of your daily life.

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