Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fairhope's ACE Survey Results

  “Fairhope has never had a strategic plan,” Mayor Tim Kant said at a recent Alabama Communities of Excellence meeting held at the Fairhope Civic Center on Friday September 6, at 9:00am. “We tried it a little bit four years ago and it kind of got stopped but now we are actually going to have one, I hope, when we get through with this in the next eight months. Our comprehensive plan, we are in the process of updating that, looking at what we can do to improve that.”
The Alabama Communities of Excellence is a non-profit organization designed to assist communities in achieving long-term economic success by providing them with technical assistance. The ACE program recently increased their maximum population requirement to 18,000 from 15,000 to be able to accept Fairhope as an applicant. Communities of at least 2,000 may apply and ACE selects communities for participation based on the level of local commitment and the individual community’s ability to support the ACE program.